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Customized Cross Inserts Tapered Bits

Cross Inserts Tapered Bits
Some Features of King-Long Brand Cross Button Bits.
A: Fantastic Steel Material Imported from Sweden and USA.
B: Extra Bigger Width of Tungsten Carbide Inserts and extra long Height Tungsten Carbide Inserts.
C: Cross Tapered Bit Top Head Diameters: From 30mm to 48mm.
D: Customer-made Cross Tapered Bits are also available by order.
E: Taper Connection Degree: 7, 11,12
F: Hex Drill Rods Matched: Hex22, Hex25

King-Long Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools:

Cross Inserts Tapered Bits Diameters: 32mm, 34mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 50mm,55, 60mm 65mm.

Application of Cross Insert Bits: Mining, Tunneling, Construction Project etc. Especially good at Coal Mining Drilling Business.


Advantages of King-Long Cross Bits: 

A: High Effective Penetration Speed.

B: Easy Operation for all Operators.

C: Production is fast and simple, lower labor cost and cheaper price for market users.

D: Very Adaptable for Various Rock Informations.

Photograph of Our Cross Bits with Small Hole Drilling Diameters




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