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Customized High Pressure Russian DTH Button Bits

Flat face design: For Drilling in a medium-hard to hard and abrasive rocks.Concave design: The all-round application bit specifically designed for medium hard and homogeneous rock formations.
Excellent hole deviation control and flushing volume. Convex design:Bit design with excellent flushing volume. For drilling at high penetration rates in non-abrasive rock.

DTH  Bits for Shank Hammer Model-Foot Valve


  1. DHD3.5  Bits Dia: 90mm-102mm.

  2. DHD340 Bit Dia: 105mm-127mm.

  3. DHD350 Bit Dia: 133mm-152mm.

  4. DHD360 Bit Dia: 152mm-216mm.

  5. DHD380 Bit Dia: 203mm-254mm.

  6. QL40 Bit Dia: 105mm-127mm.

  7. QL50 Bit Dia: 133mm-152mm.

  8. QL60 Bit Dia: 152mm-216mm.

  9. QL80 Bit Dia: 203mm-254mm.

Hammer Model

  1. SD4 Bit Dia: 105mm-127mm.

  2. SD5 Bit Dia: 133mm-152mm.

  3. SD6 Bit Dia: 152mm-216mm.

  4. SD8 Bit Dia: 203mm-254mm.

Atlas Hammer Model

  1. COP32 Bit Dia: 90mm-102mm.

  2. COP42 Bit Dia: 105mm-127mm.

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