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Customized Asphalt Milling Picks

China King-Long Brand Rock Drilling Tools
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King-Long Brand Rock Drilling Tools

A: 50 Years Rock Drilling Production Experience;

B: Country-owned Enterprise Built in year of 1970.

C: 20 Years Drill Steels Study Research Efforts.

D: 10 Years Tungsten Carbides Study Research.

E: 20 Years Sophisticated Production Experience and Rock Drilling Business Service more than 25 countries all around the world.

Asphalt Milling Picks DESIGNED FOR

• Medium to high horsepower equipment

• Milling in asphalt and concrete

• Reclamation /stabilization


• Increased tool life

• Superior holder protection

• Smoother machine run

Asphalt Milling Picks INCREASED TOOL LIFE

A fluted body design emphasizes improved tip rotation for longer tool life while keeping fine material away from the shank.


Increased collar diameter covers almost the entire washer and holder face, giving maximum holder protection.


King-Long Asphalt Milling Picks features an improved body design that accentuates easy penetration with less stress on the washer, retainer and holding system.

China King-Long Material is proud to introduce King-Long Surface Cutting Picks:Surface Cutting Picks Asphalt Milling Picks: King-Long Surface Cutting Picks Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks are made from the high steel you can have ever come to expect from China supplier and factories. Our King-Long Brand Surface Cutting Picks Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks have state-of-the-art treatment is unique- charming and phosphating- manufactured to close tolerances. Our rigorous quality controls at all our manufacturing units ensure that King-Long Brand Surface Cutting Picks Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks live up to your fantastic expectations.

Surface Mining

When You’re Doing More Than Scratching the Surface Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks

If your method of surface mining is drilling and blasting, you’re doing more than scratching the surface. You’re blowing it up and spending a lot of time, money, and resources cleaning it up. You need a better solution.

Surface mining with surface miner drums and cutting bits lets you go beyond scratching the surface with more control and less cost. You mine only the area of the mineral deposit (blasting requires a wider range for the debris field). There’s no drilling or blasting, storing explosives, or downtime between these operations. You’re moving, mining, and making money.

What’s more, eliminating drilling and blasting eliminates major safety concerns for workers and surrounding communities. Surface mining with drums and cutting teeth is not only economical, it’s eco-friendly, too.


King-Long Cutting Picks, we designs and manufactures complete surface mining cutting systems that wrap up all your needs in one neat package of countless benefits. Our systems include surface miner drums, cutting teeth, blocks, retention clips, and accessories. They work in tandem for the greatest efficiency and output.

Our surface miner drums have unique lacing patterns to meet specific applications so the drums cut more efficiently, longer. Drums are balanced so they synchronize with your machine for less vibration.

King-Long Brand Surface Cutting Picks Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks The Best on the Block

King-Long Brand Surface Cutting Picks Conical Picks blocks and cutting teeth chew through mineral deposits so well they can eliminate the primary crusher process and take you straight from the ground to the secondary crusher. It saves time, money, and manpower.

Brief Introduction

King-Long offers a broad range of tool systems for machines such as Coal Shearers, Continuous Miners and Roadheaders, Bolter miners and Drill Rigs.

Full Series

A.Cutting Tools for Surface Miners

B.Drilling and Bolting Tools

C.Cutting Tools for Continuous Miners

D.Cutting Tools for Roadheaders and Miners

E. Mineral Ground Tools for Construction Applications


King-Long Cutting and Bolting Tools use Imported High-quality steels from Sweden Steel Mills(Ovako Steel Mill Company), they used to provide Hollow Drill Steels to .

King-Long Cutting and Bolting Tools using dedicated customer-made carbide grades for all materials and conditions to make sure optimal productivity and long service of tool life.

King-Long Cutting and Bolting Tools have various tip geometries, body shapes and block designs and mechanisms to satisfy your needs.

Photos of KING-LONG Brand Surface Cutting Picks Road Milling Picks Asphalt Milling Picks




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