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We was established in March 1970s A State-owned and professional manufacturer engaged in the designing, producing and has a long history influence of China rock drilling tools for nearly 50 years. The company is located in Wuxue City, East part of Hubei Province. It has more than 200 employees and produces nearly 2 million pieces of various types of rock drilling tools. It is a member of China Brazing Steel Drilling Association. We product top hammer rock drilling tools, Top hammer drilling bit, Top hammer drilling rod, Rock drilling steels, hollow drill steels, integral drill steels, shank adapters, cutting picks, road milling bits, guide drill tube, threaded and tapered drill bits, extension and tunneling rods, integral and plug hole rods, tunneling and blast hole drilling, low pressure DTH drill bits, low pressure DTH hammers, down the hole rock drilling tools, DTH button bits, DTH drill rod.

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