'Nothing has really happened

until it has been recorded.'

This is me!

I studied photography about 20 years ago. Technology was a lot different then. Digital was not even worth mentioning. Unfortunately I have never worked as a photographer.

In 2005 I bought my first digital camera. A small one, easy to put in
my pocket. 2 years ago I bought a digital Canon 400D.
Through my work I got to know the website www.sxc.hu and from that moment on the passion revived. I have been a member from 2006 till 2012 and I got to the10th place in the download records with more than 2.4 million downloads.

It is nice to get messages from people from all over the world who appreciate
free "art".

So a special thanks to everyone who has ever used a photograph of mine.

Recently I lost my last dog.
Chopin, somethimes I still hear you breating next to me. But when I feel beside me the place is empy and cold. But in my heart the feeling is still warm! Take care of each other in heaven. ›› ››


Flower pion rose